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The Regency Teak™ brand represents the highest standards of quality, bar none. Every item in our
line is designed to be stylish, comfortable and durable.
We start by sourcing Grade-A, FSC certified, 100% plantation grown raw materials that are ecologi-
cally harvested. Once procured, the teak is kiln dried for up to six weeks until it reaches the optimal
moisture content, ensuring that it will not warp or crack over time. Based on detailed CAD drawings,
the teak is crafted into fine furniture with the use of precision machinery, ensuring that every joint and
connection is tight and snug to prevent them from ever separating, even after generations of use. The
furniture is then assembled using time tested furniture joinery techniques, primarily with the use of
mortise, tenons and dowels, along with stainless steel hardware for added strength where appropri-
ate. Finally, every surface is sanded three times by hand to a smooth as silk finish.
Regency Teak has a full in-house design team that can help you with all aspects of your project, from
space planning to fabric selection, and even with the design of custom furnishings to fit your project
requirements. We provide these services free of charge for orders that meet our minimum purchase
Creating beautiful and durable teak is our passion. We hope you will enjoy discovering our
products as much as we have enjoyed creating them.
Bob Grossman
President, Regency Teak, Inc.